Hazel Flutterfly

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This is Hazel Flutterfly’s page, the youngest Flutterfly sister. You can find everything you need to know about Hazel right here!


Hazel’s posts:

None – yet! UPDATE: You can now find Hazel’s posts in the category: Hazel


Hazel’s pages:

Hazel Flutterfly – This very page!

Hazel Flutterfly’s Pixie Page – 7443 Amber Whisper Garden


Hazel’s profile:

Height: 5.2 inches

Age: Human Years, 10

Outfits: 13

Pets: 1 firefly, George

Friends: 200 approximately

Goes on Pixie Hollow: 3-15 times every week

Goes on the Computer: On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, unless holidays

Pixie Diamonds: 340, used to have 943

Amy’s View: Hazel is a lovely little sister. She keeps me as her friend, she helps me with my boyfriend (giving me tips), she respects me and knows who I am, and she is a great Pixie Hollow player. I love her, and I also think one day she is going to become a famous writer. Add her! xx Amy

Hazel’s View: I love my life. I love it when people call me Hazy, I love it when people say I look just like I do on PH, and I love it when people comment on how cute Geo is. George is like a firefly version of my puppy, George. My puppy is the son of Amy’s real-life dog, Georgina. I think that The Flutterflies has a great reputation, and as our thank-you post says, the people on their have all helped make The Flutterflies a good site, so far. Thank-you everyone! I can’t wait until I get more posts!


You can contact Hazel here:

Thanks for visiting!
NB: The posts and pages will be updated every week. Please CONTACT HAZEL (above) if you see a mistake. Thank-you!

Hazel Flutterfly + Amy Flutterfly


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