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Read the Users page yet? No? Well, you’d better do now!


Visited it already? Good. Now, let’s get started here!


Becoming a User

You wanna become a User? Great! Follow the simple instructions below, by Zak and Richard Eagledash, and you’re sure to be a user in no time!

1. Do Something!

First, you need to Do Something with the blog. It might be liking something, commenting, following, giving us feedback on protected posts (you’ll need a password to do this – send us a message on Contact Us with the subject ‘I want a Password’ to get one), etc., etc. – so long as it’s linked to contributing, you’re in the team!

2. Users Waiting List page!

Go on the ‘Users Waiting List’ page. Your name that you have used for Following, Commenting, Feed-backing, etc., should be listed there. It takes up to two months for your name to be listed in the side-bar section in the next step, but if it exceeds that time you should contact us.

3. The Flutterflies Club!

On the sidebar their is a section named The Flutterflies Club. Most users (excluding Authors, Editors and Main Contributors, of which all share The Flutterflies user) will be listed there. Not seeing your picture? Yet again, contact us!


Still need help?

Something not working right? Contact us, as said in most steps, and you will soon be guided with information (so long as you include an e-mail).

The steps have been voted ‘easy, usable and straight-to-the-point’. No help should be needed, but if so, you can rely on us to be there for you.


Zak Eagledash + Richard Eagledash



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