Become a Member & Activity


To become a member of the chat and get half price on powers, XATs and to have a blue status figure, please see if I (Hazel) am online. Then, ask me if you can become a member, and I will proceed! I can also make you a Moderator or Guest. Chat on the Chat page or, for a bigger version (adverts are included on the downside) at the XAT site, which we do not recommend.

Owners: HazelFlutterfly, Amy Flutterfly

Moderators: Juniper

Members: jillian, Breezy_Dazzletwirls, :Depicgirl225_hazel2izzy

Guests: HANNAHRICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, sunnysummer!!!!!!!!!, GoobleLips


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