Christmas Presents!


It’s Hazel writing this. On the last day of term until the Christmas break we’re in now, our class had to decipher the true meaning of Christmas and write it down.

Lots of people only care about the gifts, and that’s fine, really… but the gifts don’t mean anything (deep, deep, DEEP down in our hearts!), it’s the love they represent that matters.

Speaking of love…


Amy and I have tons of love on this site. We’re got so many followers and plenty of views all-round, plus zillions of comments, especially on our famous Speedchat Plus vocabulary post. You guys have given so much time to us on this site, given us people to post to, that we need to give something back – desperately.

And I know JUST how…

WATCH THIS SPACE! I will tell you the special prezzie sooner today or on Christmas Day itself!

See you then!

Hazel Flutterfly 😉