Fake Fairy Fails to Fly


The virtual Hazel is back.
Or is she?

I was on the new Pixie Hollow site (click here) and found CREATE A FAIRY AND FLY on it! In other words, ex-Pixie Hollow!

I immediately clicked on it and logged in.

I got the first sinking feeling that it was NOTHING like the real Pixie Hollow when my user wasn’t there. Instead, three blank users were. I clicked on ‘Create a New Fairy’ and made a new Hazel Flutterfly, a chic animal talent (tinker wasn’t there… another reason I had an idea this wasn’t what I’d hoped for).

Remember your old Pixie Page at a random, freaky address like 732 Summer Lane? The one you never went on, unless some nerd online told you they’d sent you a message on it (which you’re unable to even type; you have to choose through certain phrases to make one)?

THAT IS ALL YOU GET ON ‘Create a Fairy and Fly’.

I was GUTTED 😦

Create a Fairy and Fly FAIL

How could Disney delete the hollow in the first place?
They had almost 8,000 users.

They’ve reached almost 10,000 with this stupid webpage… how many of you guys are using it due to it being the only remainder of our beloved PH? Comment below if you are!

Hazel Flutterfly