THE FLUTTERFLIES ARE BACK! Revelations re-open our site!

Hey, guys!

It’s Amy AND Hazel here. We have some VERY exciting news for you!
This Christmas, our schools were hosting individual parties in every classroom, from groups of three people to seven.

We were in the same team (obviously!) and, being in the top year, had a challenge with bringing in stuff for the feast.
NOTHING could be bought in a shop!
That’s right, EVERYTHING, from the food to the drinks to the containers, had to be homemade.

We both thought, when making all our stuff, how easy everything was.
Then we realised why – The Flutterflies.

We’d made 3-D Fairy Outfits before.
We’d made the Pixie Hollow tree before.
We’d made Button Cookies before.
We’d made Cinnamon Rolls before.

We were EXPERTS! 😀

So making stuff was a breeze.
Then we realised something else – The Flutterflies closed because Pixie Hollow closed, the thing we mainly posted about.
But we ALSO posted how to make & bake things.
Which is why you’re going to see a LOT more from The Flutterflies!

Because we’re re-opening!

Hazel & Amy Flutterfly