February Events Review – Plus how NON-PURCHASERS can enjoy it, too!

February Friendship Events (2/5 – 2/25)

January 31, 2013
Posted by: Sweet Pea

Pixie Hollow celebrates not one but TWO pixie-licious holidays in February – Sweet Week and Fairy Friendship Festival!

Sweet Week starts Tuesday, February 5 with some super sweet surprises: If you leave the Tray of Cookies from Ember’s Shop in your Fairy Home overnight, you’ll find a Silly Sweet in your Pouch the next day. Be sure to pick up a seed giveaway in the Ballroom and tinker the Cute as a Cupcake Vanity Set too!

Then get ready for the Fairy Friendship Festival to bring lots of friendly fun on Tuesday, February 12:

  • Go on Tinker Bell’s new quest for Members and help her make an extra special gift for her sister Periwinkle!
  • Pick up a Heart Accessory Set giveaway in the Ballroom!
  • Take your Animal Friend flying with you, and they might find a Heart Accessory Set of their own!
  • Follow the signpost instructions in the decorated meadows to earn your Fairy Friendship Fest 2013 badge!
  • Bake special edition candy heart Silly Sweets!

Sweet Pea



Amy here! I was checking out the Rockin’ Fashions post (Rockin’ Rations, more like) when I saw Events. I’m not much of an event person (unless it includes fashion), but I had nothing else to do so I clicked on the eye-catching post. BOY! Have you seen how much things there are to do?

  1. If you buy the tray of cookies from Ember’s Essentials and leave it in your room overnight, the next day you’ll find a surprise Silly Sweet in your pouch…
  2. Members can pick up a seed giveaway in the Ballroom to enjoy!
  3. There are two fabulous new tinker items to make.
  4. You can help make Tinkerbell a special gift for her sister Periwinkle!
  5. Members can pick up a Heart Accessory Set in the ballroom (see picture for preview)…
  6. If you take your animal friend flying with you (Hazel’s so excited), they could find their own Heart Accessory Set to wear.
  7. Dulcie will be allowing you to bake special edition candy heart Silly Sweets!
  8. When you follow the signpost instructions in the decorated meadows you can earn your Fairy Friendship Fest[ival] 2013 badge!

Eight whole things to enjoy doing this February! How exciting? I was busily chatting to my best friend, Chocolate, all about the delights when a non-member girl, who was begging for someone to gift her in code-clothes, overheard.

I’m not a member. I want to enjoy it too. Can you help?

This got me interested. I left Chocolate to admire some clothes and I flew up to the girl (named Rachel Stardash). She turned out to be a daily reader of The Flutterflies, and together, we worked out a way for the non-purchased fairies (which take up 55% of Pixie Hollow) to enjoy the festivals as much as anyone else.

  1. First, kit out with some new clothes here.
  2. Secondly, use the code bloom to unlock 1 colourful Silly Sweet, and use the password sweetweek to unlock the code for 5 Flower Trailing Silly Sweets on the Flower Silly Sweets Code post. This will get you ready for sweet week!
  3. Have fun with your friends in Sweet Week, ready for the Friendship Festival. Race each other in Animal Derby. This way, you level up, and will either get Pixie Diamonds (which you must use to buy as many sweets as possible) or a new talent skill, along with some… yes, sweets!
  4. Next, as Sweet Week is ending, go scouting with your mates, using your bought/earned sweets. Be sure to be extremely kind and helpful to all your friends – especially the ones that have Pixie Diamonds safely in their pouch.
  5. As the Friendship Festival begins, make sure you up your level of kindness by about 100. Don’t overdo it so you seem creepy, though – keep your humour at a high, too. In the end, you are SURE to be rewarded by your friends. Then, enjoy the festivals as you usually do – but with a high!

How did it help? We’d like to hear your comments!


Amy Flutterfly