Rockin’ Rations, more like

Rockin’ Fashions

February 07, 2013
Posted by: Marina

Have you flown by Fairy Tale Theater lately? It’s been transformed into a Concert Stage, complete with classic concert costumes!

The Concert Stage is the perfect place for a Fashion Spotlight fly-in! I’ll be there TODAY at 3 PM Pixie Standard Time on the top 6 Servers. Mix and match the latest shop collections into a rockin’ outfit and meet me there!

Can’t wait to see ya,




Amy Flutterfly here. I read this post and, honestly, I thought… WHAT?! “Rockin'” fashions, Marina?

Yeah, sure, all of the outfits are generally cool. But the word “rockin'” gets you thinking of a rock band, or something ‘awesome’. That’s why the majority of fairies (we didn’t test sparrow men) have mixed up the outfits to make them quite something else, supposedly ‘awesome’. Most of them have got quite the wrong idea.

I got Amy Starfly, my confident in fashion, to test all the fairies that came into the Fairy Tale Theatre from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. GMT time on the Hidden Ridge server on what section outfits would be listed in.


Fairies tested: 150

  • Mixed outfits that look ridiculous = 80% | 120 fairies
  • Mixed outfits that look good = 10% | 15 fairies
  • Complete outfits = 10% | 15 fairies


The results are quite shocking. Firstly, because all of the numbers are in the five times table (maths included in this post, people!) and, secondly, because I would have expected Complete outfits to have at least 50%. What are your thoughts on this? Comment anonymously to post your brain’s knacks.



Amy Flutterfly