New Map – a Quick Guide – PLUS Your Thoughts!

Ola, people!

I was on Pixie just minutes earlier (in fact, it’s still open in a new tab!) when I realised that there was (a clue in the title)… a new map!

Here’s a quickie guide…


How to Use the New Pixie Hollow Map

by Amy and Hazel Flutterfly


1. Select a category:

Looking for some fashion (as Amy was doing here)? Or something new? Looking to earn a few talent points when playing a game, or maybe earn them while in a quest? Perhaps you’d like to be creative and make something yourself? Choose the category you’d like!


2. Browse:

Black Page

Scroll through the options and choose whatever takes your fancy! It may be Ember’s Essentials, for some nice new ornaments, it may be Beck’s Animal Nursery, for a gorgeous new pet, it may be Daisy’s Dyes, for some fabulous dyes to dye your clothes with… and that’s just SOME of the SHOP category’s options!


3. Find out more:


Here, Amy rolled over Ember’s Essentials. It came up with a title (not seen in this screenshot), Ember’s Essentials, and (as seen) two pictures and a description.


4. Click:

Click on the shop/game/quester/crafter you have decided to go to. You should then travel to your chosen area.


Aswell as that, I collected some quotes about other peoples feelings on the new map.

It’s not as good as the old one. You used to be able to select more than one category, and you could choose IF you wanted a pop-up. I don’t like it.


The new map is great!!!!! So easy to use… perfect for beginners. Hive [five] out of hive for me!

Each fairy has their own opinion. I, personally, agree with the first commenter… but no matter, I’m not fussy! 😛


Hope you liked this post!

Hazel Flutterfly

One thought on “New Map – a Quick Guide – PLUS Your Thoughts!

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