February Fashion Preview – Look Over… Plus WANTED Comments on NEW MAP

February Fashion Preview

January 31, 2013
Posted by: Marina

Fly with you, fashionistas! Sweet Week and Fairy Friendship Festival are just around the corner, and so are new February fashions! The Pixie Post Office and Queen’s Boutique will have all new fashions (including the Hand Fan you all voted for) on Tuesday, February 5! Summit Style also has fab new outfits coming in on Tuesday, including the Sweetheart Style pictured above. What do you think – is this a style your Fairy will wear?

We’d also love to hear your thoughts on Pixie Hollow’s new map. There are new icons for each location to make finding your favorite places easier than ever!

See ya ’round the waterfall,




Amy Flutterfly here, back for yet again more fashion after my two other hit fashion posts (just search for fashion). I was delighted to discover that the Hand Fan had been voted, although it wasn’t what I voted for… again.

I’m deciding about wearing the new Sweetheart Style outfit releasing on Tuesday. It’s not my favourite outfit ever, but it’s one for a start.

I also can’t wait for the Hand Fan to officially be released in the Pixie Post Office. Many friends have been extremely excited about it coming, so I decided to gift them with the remains of my Pixie Diamonds!

And, lastly, Marina mentioned that she’d like us to comment about the new Pixie Map. Lots of people find it easier, while been-in-Pixie-forever’s here (including me and Hazel) find it standing out like ‘Ooh, look at me… or not…’, a personality that us oldies aren’t too keen on. But, we also got a very interesting quote on Marina’s ask for comments on the new map…

It seems strange that Marina wants us to comment. We could say something bad about it. Maybe Pixie Staff aren’t sure whether it’s good or not – if they get a bad response, they might change it [back, hopefully]!

It certainly is a point. Why didn’t the new map have it’s own post to have the limelight in? Maybe Staff didn’t want it to be such a big thing, and so it would mix into the excitement of the new fashions… what do you think? To find out more about the new map, click here.

Now, Hazel and I can’t really be bothered to comment on the post – it never gets published, anyhow – since we have The Flutterflies. But you guys sure can! Please don’t comment on this post if you want to reply. Use the form below to hand us some quotes!

All comments are appreciated. None will be edited at all.


Amy Flutterfly

3 thoughts on “February Fashion Preview – Look Over… Plus WANTED Comments on NEW MAP

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