Pixie Style Poll Results – Plus the NEW Style Poll!

Style Poll: Fan or Bracelet?

January 24, 2013
Posted by: Marina

The results of last week’s Pixie Style Poll are in – drum roll please! The winner is… the Frog Knit Hat! The cozy hat will arrive at the Pixie Post Office today along with two new Gift Sets. Thanks for making your voices heard! And, because our first Pixie Style Poll was such a success, we want to give you the chance to vote again:

Do you want the Hand Fan (that I’m holding) or Talent Charm Bracelet (as seen on Tabby)?

   Hand Fan

   Talent Charm Bracelet Bracelet

Just like this week, the winning accessory will be put in the Pixie Post Office next Thursday. Be sure to cast your vote by Monday at midnight!

See ya ‘round the waterfall,



Heya, Pixie Pals!

Amy Flutterfly here. I’m back for The Flutterflies’ SECOND Pixie Style Poll, following on from my hit post, Pixie Style Poll – See what WE get. I logged on to Pixie today to see the news entry in Pixie Central, Style Poll: Fan or Bracelet?, posted by the lovely Marina. I was extremely excited to realise that this was it… the results. I was so sure it was going to be the Knit Headwrap, I quite forgot that a number of people had also voted for the Frog Knit Hat, and, away swept my dreams – it turned out to be the FROG KNIT HAT! But then, whooshing away my disappointment, I read on and discovered there was ANOTHER poll! I was delighted. I scrolled back up to see the picture again…

…and I realised I didn’t know which to choose! Therefore, I haven’t voted whatsoever. Hazel has – she voted for the Talent Charm Bracelet, before telling me all about why the Hand Fan looked disgusting. I laughed it off, then, striking me as a surprise, I suddenly got tonnes of messages on our Chat page (you can find it above, in the page section) asking if I could create another poll. So, of course, I went and did just that below! You have until Wednesday 30th to vote, and all votes will then be added in, ready for Thursday.


Amy Flutterfly

P.S.: If you vote in the quoted post at the top, your vote will not count. Sorry for the interference.

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