New year, new hairstyles, new fashion – What’s yours?


Amy Flutterfly, back again for yet again more fashion, this time linked to… new year!

2013 doesn’t seem so ‘new’ anymore, so when I logged onto Pixie Hollow an hour ago I was surprised to see this message still clottering up my log-in page.

I was chatting about this annoying me on Pixie when I got an interesting whisper.

Why doesn’t it say New year, new hairstyles, new fashion?

I considered this. It’s a good point, in fact – it’s not just the hairstyles that are new, there has been some new outfits introduced to Pixie, specially for new year. Then this onlooker whispered to me again.

I bet Disney just put it up because Schelly’s is getting less and less important.

Yet again, I considered her comment. It makes sense. Schelly’s Hair Salon is becoming one of those everyday shops – for example, a market is taken in the same way. It needed some more publicity – but I reckon there’s one flaw in this plan. Most people, when they arrived in Palm Tree Cove, just stayed in Palm Tree Cove to chat; not bothered about a new hairstyle.

Then my thoughts turned to outfits. I have had some constant messages on my Pixie Page all about checking out their new outfits, and some people even wanted me to rate them. I don’t have time for that, but if any of you would be kind enough to contribute in the rating of the outfits I’ll post on here in an update by commenting, I’d be really thankful.

In the Photo Link area of the following form, you need to post your Fairy’s Picture link. To do this, when you have logged into Pixie and you are on the bit where it has a picture of you with your name, ‘Welcome Back’, ‘Pixie Page’ and ‘Play’. Hover over your fairy, and right-click. Click on ‘Open image in new tab’, and when the tab has loaded, copy the address (which should be in the address bar, i.e.: the long bar at the top) then paste it in the Photo Link area.

Amy Flutterfly


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