Introducing Pixie Hollow to the Parents


It’s Hazel here. After Amy’s fantastic hit post, Pixie Style Poll – See what WE get, which currently (19/01/2013) has an amazing five likes and three comments, I really had some competition for this post that I’m writing now, which I’ve been studying for about an hour now. It’s meant to give some parents that are unsure about the site some support and comfort. Some links are also included so you can see the official information at those links.



Pixie Hollow is an online world where it’s free to create a Fairy or Sparrow Man and take flight to play games and interact with friends. Unlimited access to all games, activities and customization features requires a Membership.



Membership Information Rosettta

Creating a Fairy or Sparrow Man and flying into Pixie Hollow, to chat and make friends, and to play limited versions of most games is free. Access to additional games, activities, Animal Friends, and customization features requires a Membership. With the support of Membership, Pixie Hollow can continue to grow while maintaining our commitment to a safe advertising-free online experience monitored by an experienced team of moderators.



Safety Info Queen Clarion

As part of our commitment to creating a safe online environment, Pixie Hollow is free from third-party advertising and offers parental controls that allow parents to define a child’s chat settings.

Chat in Pixie Hollow is filtered and moderated by a staff of experienced moderators. To maintain a fun and Fairy-friendly environment, all Fairy players are encouraged to follow the Pixie Code of Conduct.



Fairies Using Chat

Meeting and chatting with new Fairy friends is part of the fun in Pixie Hollow. Parents can set and monitor a Fairy’s chat permissions using Pixie Hollow’s chat controls.

To access Parental Controls for your child’s Pixie Hollow account and change their chat settings, you must create a Parent Account. You can do this by visiting the Account Manager page, where you will be asked to either log in to your existing account or to create a new account.


Account Manager



Parents Help Tinker Bell

For further information and answers to common questions, please review the FAQs in our Help Section.

Visit our Contact Us page for assistance with specific topics including Membership, Account-related or technical support questions.


This is all Disney’s property. Any incorrect information is either because you are viewing it on our site or that Disney made a mistake.

I hope this helped your parents! To visit the official Parents homepage, click here.

Hazel Flutterfly

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