Fairy Favourites from 2012 | Pixie Post Office Newbies


Amy Flutterfly here, back for more Fabulous Fashion after my extremely popular hit post Pixie Style Poll – See what WE get that I posted yesterday.

When I logged onto Pixie a few minutes ago, I saw the new notification – which says…

Fairy Favourites 2012

10 more gowns are back by popular demand!

Shop Now

As soon as I saw this message, I immediately clicked Shop Now. I mean, what’s better than some great gowns to wear to parties, I ask you? Nothing!

So I bough ten (yes, ten) gowns, before clicking X and seeing who was there to chat to. The room was full! Instantly, seven fairies and one sparrow man recognised me, and soon I was deep in conversation with them all. We headed to our Chat Room (you can find it above) and I interviewed a few of them. No names are used, for your Pixie Safety!

I’m really annoyed that the gowns are back. It’s nice to have a rare outfit. Now, everyone is strolling around in a magnificent gown, so it kinda spoils the elegant bit of it. It just seems… normal.

Last time my favourite, short, red gown was up, I kept on leaving my money for a while, thinking that not many people liked it and that it would be quite a while until the outfits left. But when I managed to have time to buy the gown – you guessed it – it was gone!

I don’t really care about the dresses. I’m a boy. But if I was a girl, I’d probably be trying on all the dresses instead of being annoyed and clearly ungrateful; I don’t understand it. Come on, girls, are you REALLY that bad?

Why? Why are they back? I think it’s ridiculous, the shop was, virtually speaking, meant to be out of stock of the dresses, like, ages ago!

Really, I wasn’t expecting all of these comments. I just, well, love fashion, so I’m not that bothered about what comes and goes. Vote for what you think about all this below.

Thanks for your comments, thoughts and votes!

Amy Flutterfly



Hazel Flutterfly reporting. Amy just had to go and do homework (oh, the dread… :P), so I’m in charge of finishing this post.


  • Spotted Cardie Collection – in Gentian Purple: Cropped Cardigan – 22 diamonds | Shadowy Purple Big Bow Skirt – 22 diamonds | Soil Brown Knee Boots – 23 diamonds/in Squash Orange: Cropped Cardigan – 22 diamonds | Raven Black Big Bow Skirt – 22 diamonds | Raven Black Knee Boots – 23 diamonds          TOTAL (both): 67 pixie diamonds
  • Cute and Classic Collection – in Slate Grey: Charleston Top – 25 diamonds | Charleston Skirt – 25 diamonds | Rosy Pink Blooming Headband – 16 diamonds | Rosy Pink Charleston Heals – 20 diamonds/in Raven Black: Charleston Top – 25 diamonds | Charleston Skirt – 25 diamonds | Strawberry Red Blooming Headband – 16 diamonds | Strawberry Red Charleston Heels – 20 diamonds          TOTAL (both): 86 pixie diamonds
  • Artsy Accessories – Siltstone Tan Acoustic Guitar – 19 diamonds | Cherry Pink Acoustic Guitar – 19 diamonds | Vidia Black Painter’s Beret – 19 diamonds | Seashell Blue Painter’s Beret – 19 diamonds | Siltstone Tan Painter’s Palette – 19 diamonds | Seashell Blue Painter’s Beret – 19 diamonds

Hope this updates you!

Hazel Flutterfly

P.S.: Important information – any mistakes are not Disney’s problems, they are our responsibility. Please contact us if you notice a mistake. Thank you.

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