Art Month

Hiya, pixies!

Hazel Flutterfly, returning from the great Art Month Fashion Show Amy and I just hosted, with help from many of you other fairies. This post is all about everything that’s been going on – so far! – in Pixie Hollow’s Art Month. Woo!

Below are all the sections of news to do with Art Month. Pick and choose, ladies (and men!), pick and choose…



Who took part in the Artsy Decorating Challenge? Amy and I sure did! We helped each other decorate our rooms with the best decor possible, after a HUGE shop-out at Neville’s New Homes and Ember’s Essentials (we didn’t have time to go anywhere else!). I got kit-out with an epic, massive, wintry house and some colourful furniture, while Amy stayed in her own comfy home and went and bought loads of epic, very colourful and unique furniture to add in! She bought ten items, while keeping some of her stuff that she already had. Right on! We sent the pics we took over to PH, then I swapped back to my usual, cozy furniture. Amy preferred her crazy look!

We want to know how you decorated your house/garden for the competition. Tell us in this quick form then your message might appear in a post!


This is the one to read about, trust me! Just a few minutes ago, Amy and I held an Art Month Fashion Show at my house, which we decorated with a massive tinker house and some comfy seats and tables. We got a couple of games, then invited our friends and told them to invite their friends, while heading to the Pixie Post Office to advertise. After my house was full, we waited for the on-going games to finish, before starting the Member/Pixie Diamond fashion show, while our non-member, non-pixie-diamond stepsister started the Non-Purchased fashion show (wonder how that went) in the garden. There were over 100 rounds, and the show went on for over an hour. We’d like to congratulate the winner, Chocolate, for her AMAZING 100 outfits, all completely brilliant, and we’d like to congratulate the runners-up, Sapphire and June Eaglefly. There were many really colourful, unique outfits, and they all stunned us all. We’d also like to thank everyone who helped set-up the fashion show, a total of five people. 🙂


Yesterday, Amy had an interview with member Sapphire (more about her above) on IM, owner of a ladybird/bug (previously owned firefly and before that, a dragonfly) and long-time Pixie Hollow chatter.

1. What’s right with art month?

Everything’s really cool, with all the outfits and comps and everything. I like all the outfits especially.

2. What’s wrong with it?

Hmm… there isn[‘]t [a] colourful house you can buy. Not one. I mean, they could do at least ONE. God, do they even listen to us? God. Oh, yeah, aswell, there isn’t a special outfit for the animal friends.

3. What outfit would you like them to have?

Each different animal friend should, like, have a diff[erent] colour outfit. I mean, like, ladybugs should have something like black or red, fireflies yellow… you get the idea.

Think you know better? Answer the questions like the example below in the comments!

1. I like the …

2. I don’t like the …

3. [EXPLAIN MORE ABOUT ONE OF YOUR DISLIKES. FOR EXAMPLE, IF YOU SAID YOU DON’T LIKE THE OUTFITS, YOU MIGHT SAY…] The outfits were REALLY horrible because the colours are mixed, and it looked …


Thanks for reading this post!

Hazel Flutterfly


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