Travelling in a Winter Wonderland

Hiya peeps!

Hazel Flutterfly reporting, this time from her bedroom :P. I had a dream last night, all about turning into my fairy and my dog, George, turning into my firefly, George! I explored the Winter Wonderland. I was thinking… what do you think of winter, and what do you like best?

George likes snuggling up into his winter clothes best… and so do I!

This is Hazel's winter profile.

This is my winter profile.

This is George's winter profile.

This is George’s winter profile.

But then, we come to the hard bit. What do we THINK of winter?

I think winter is downright cold! Except, in February, it’s my birthday…

But in Pixie Hollow…

I think winter is THE BEST! There’s partying and enjoyment for Christmas in December, there’s lots of arty, new-year fun in January, and, yet again, it’s my birthday in February!

So, overall, winter is GREAT!

Now, we turn to Christmas. Although, traditionally, we’d huddle by the fire and sing carols…

Me and George huddling by a warm candle and singing carols...

Me and George huddling by a warm candle and singing carols…

Most people, nowadays, don’t bother with the singing (unless they’re Christian/Catholic, or, worse luck, at school). We just love the chocolate, sweets, and the prezzies! That’s why Ember’s Essentials and the lot of them were selling Christmas trees (fact: Christmas trees originated from Germany) and presents. But the real meaning of Christmas is to be kind to one another, and to give. Unfortunately, being kind didn’t happen – loads of people are still killing one another. Boo!

Anyway, that’s enough of our Winter Special. Time to say bye, bye, and cuddle up in bed!

Bye, bye!

Good night, George!

Hazel Flutterfly

P.S.: This was our first-ever post with PICTURES. What do ya think?

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