Hi everyone!

Hazel Flutterfly reporting from her computer desk :P. I have a few thank-yous I’d like to state for a couple of Pixie Pals I have. They have all contributed to making this site get a GREAT head-start. I also have a note here from Amy with all the thank-yous she’d like to make, and some quotes. So, see if your Pixie Name is printed!


  • Breezy – You have been a great friend for so long now, and when me and Amy told you about the site you were up and running onto it from the very start. I respect you for your time and patience with me… which is hard to get around me, according to Amy! Cheers!
  • June Cuteheart – I haven’t seen you for a while, but I wanna thank-you for not getting bored of me one bit. I am positive that, as soon as you discover this site, you will be supporting and kind. You watch!
  • Breezy Dazzletwirls – You might know where Amy and I got inspiration for the site from, now, hey? You! I still remembering visiting your site (you guys can check it out here) and thinking, ‘Gosh, I wanna do something like this!’ so… there it all started. Without you, this site would NOT be here.
  • Zak Eagledash – Hey, Zak, you forgot to buy me a Christmas present! No, only joking, I loved the bow; loved, loved, loved it! I wanna thank you for being the greatest friend ever, and getting really excited about the site! Thanks!


“You are gonna make the headlines, Hazy!” Zak

“I bet it’s going to be great, but can I be mentioned? LOL!” Breezy

“Visit my site!” Breezy Dazzletwirls

“LOL!” June Cuteheart



  • Richard Eagledash
  • Alex
  • Alexia
  • Chocolate Eaglefly
  • Honey


“I believe in you, Amy, and I want you to kick your sister’s but[t]!” Richard

“Oh, wow, good for you… boom it…” Alex

“You are gonna make the house rock!” Alexia

“Can I be on? JK… kinda…” Chocolate

“Do a good job for me, Amy, and soon you’ll get lots of diamonds for it, you know, and then you can buy me stuff, you know… only joking, I know you’re gonna be a hit!!!!!” Honey


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See you around!

Hazel Flutterfly

P.S.: This was my first-ever post! Right on!



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